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Mobility Matters Conference , March 11, 2019

Holly Lawson and Michael Cantino presented on interactive 3D printed tactile maps at the Mobility Matters Conference at Portland State University.

3D models are important learning resources for blind people. With advances in 3D printing, 3D models are becoming more available. However, unlike visual or tactile graphics, there is no standard accessible way to label components in 3D models. Our vision is to build and improve technologies that can augment 3D models, so that visually impaired students can gain the best out of these models. Our first step towards achieving this is embedding 3D printed models with audio annotations.

We continuously work with teachers and students with visual impairments to improve our technologies. If you are interested in our research, or want to use our systems in your classrooms, please contact us.




05/30/19 New Team Members

Alex and Ricardo join the team.


05/06/19 CHI 2019

Lei presented a paper at CHI 2019.


03/11/19 Mobility Matters Conference

Presented  our work at the Mobility Matters Conference.


11/16/18 Accessing Higher Ground

Presented  our work at the Accessing Higher Ground Conference.


10/12/18 Tactile Graphics Symposium

Gave a presentation at the National Federation of the Blind Jernigan Institute.


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